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In my life I have held helping roles – Social Worker, Teacher, and now Life Coach.  I also hold the more personal role of abuse survivor.  It’s the combination of all of these spaces I’ve experienced, and the lessons learned from them about life, that lead me to want to inspire others.

I’ve been a life coach for several years, and the epiphany about my own direction came in October 2011. Often telling myself I need more education, more experience, more something before I can truly help others, I was frozen on my own path because I didn’t feel “good enough.”

Light bulb: This IS the shared journey!

I do not need to perfectly know my own worth to talk about it with others; in fact, accepting my own flaws and vulnerability may set the example.  Once I released myself from the pressure to be an “expert,” I have been able to connect with the knowledge that God loves me no matter what, and nothing I do or don’t do (or was done to me) creates my worth. 

We are loved and valued just as we are.

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Morgan Motivations
This page represents my coaching business. Posts are focused on goal setting, risk taking, and personal growth.

Know My Worth
This page is a reflection of the journey toward self acceptance and knowing God’s love. Nothing I have done, nothing I do, and nothing that has been done to me impacts my value.

Blog: Know My Worth
I post short poetic commentary once or twice a week on the blog.  It’s not what I first pictured my blog would be, as I was never a poetic writer, but I am accepting it for what it is.  I am honoring the words that are able to come from my heart, not judging myself, the “quality” of what I write, or the experience.  It is what it is, and I am learning to be comfortable in it.

Website: Morgan Motivations
I am a certified professional life coach.  For most of my clients, the goal in coaching is to find direction and peace.  When they are feeling lost or unsure, we do exercises that reconnect them with their life purpose, get them on the path they want to be, and create accountability and safety to move forward.

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Inspirational quotes and questions to start your week in the right direction